Nasal polyps are soft, sac-like growths that protrude from the linings of nasal passages and sinuses.  These growths are noncancerous, but they can become large enough to interfere with nasal drainage and decrease one’s senses of taste and smell.  Although the exact cause of nasal polyps is unknown, it is thought that these growths may result from the chronic nasal inflammation associated with allergies.  When polyps are small, they may not cause any noticeable symptoms.  Larger polyps can cause nasal blockages that lead to sinus infections.  An allergist can diagnose polyps and prescribe steroids to reduce their size in order to restore normal air flow. Polyps that continue to be problematic can be removed with minimally invasive endoscopic surgery.

P.S.  About 40% of people will develop polyps at some point during their lives.  Men are more apt to be affected than women.

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