Wheat is one of the top eight food allergens.  Gluten protein is found in wheat products and in other types of grains.   Many people who do not test positive for either wheat allergy or celiac disease can experience allergy-like gastrointestinal reactions after eating foods that contain gluten.  These individuals encounter a wide range of symptoms such as bloating, cramps, stomach pain, gas, and nausea.  Doctors now recognize such symptoms as being consistent with a condition called “non-celiac gluten sensitivity” (NCGS).  Although NCGS does not damage the lining of the intestinal tract the way celiac disease does, eliminating gluten from the diet has proven to be the best way to control unpleasant symptoms.

P.S.   Omitting gluten from your diet before having tests for wheat allergy and celiac disease can interfere with test results.

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