Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is a by-product of fuel burning.  Fireplaces, furnaces, wood stoves, kerosene or gas space heaters, and gas-fueled appliances can all potentially release NO2 into the home.  Low levels of this gas can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation.  People with asthma may experience increased bronchial symptoms and/or shortness of breath.  Long-term exposure to NO2 at high levels can lead to chronic bronchitis.  Since gas appliances, fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves are used in many homes, it is important for people to have appliances and chimneys inspected regularly to ensure that they are not emitting noxious fumes into the house.  Any NO2 source that is identified should be repaired, replaced, or properly vented to eliminate health hazards.

P.S.  Elderly people, young children, and people with respiratory diseases may be very sensitive to NO2.  Consult an allergist if asthma symptoms worsen or interfere with daily activities.

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